Common questions:

1. How do I see photos of the properties?

To view photos of the home please click on the magnify glass on the list of homes or visit www.century21southcoast.com.auand do a search on holiday homes by selecting Holiday on the left hand side. Alternative from the property page where the calendar is displayed you can click on ‘More about this property’.


2. By filling in the online form have I secured my booking?

Each of our properties are independently owned and confirmation of your stay is subject to confirmation by the property owner. Century 21 SouthCoast will be in touch with you once confirmation is obtained by the owner with details on how to pay your deposit to secure your booking.


3. When do I have to pay?

Your deposit is due within 48 hours of confirmation by Century 21 SouthCoast of your stay. Please view our terms and condition for further information on when your deposit and final payment is due.


4. How do I pay my deposit?

We currently offer 3 methods of payment. Direct deposit, paying by cheque or credit card . Please note that credit card payments do incur a credit card surcharge. This rate can be found in your letter of confirmation.


5. Do I have to pay a security bond?

Yes. All of our properties require a security bond which can be found by viewing the information on the home and is disclosed to you on the online booking form prior to submitting the booking. The amount does varies depending on the property.


6. When and how do I get my bond back?

Your bond is refunded to you after your stay in accordance to the terms and conditions. Please view the terms and conditions prior to booking. Please note you will be required to supply us with your bank account details so we can refund your deposit to you via direct deposit. Unfortunately we do not refund bonds back to credit cards or issue payment in the form of cash or cheques.


7. Can I change which property I have booked after my booking is confirmed?

No. As each property is independently owned your booking is not transferrable. Please refer to the terms and conditions for cancellation policy.


8. How do I understand the calendar?

The booking calendar shows the which dates you are able to check in on a particular home. Any dates which show as ‘Book Now’ are still available to for the night. You are able to check out on a day which is already represented as ‘Booked’. Please note that strict check in and check out times do apply.


9. What do I need to bring with me?

Each properties have their own inclusions and exclusions, however anything that is considered as hygienic (ie bedding, bath towels, soaps, toilet paper, etc) is not included. Each home will have equipped kitchens and facilities to cook. It is recommended you view the listing details on the Century 21 website for details on what is included. For further details on linen please refer to our terms and conditions.


10. Can I bring my pet?

Most of our homes are not pet friendly, however we have a few properties that do allow pets. If you require to bring your pet please contact Century 21 SouthCoast for a list of these homes.


11. Is the Booking Fee Refundable?

No. The booking fee is our not refundable and is required on all bookings regardless of length of stay.


12. Are discounts available?

Unfortunately discounts are not available. However If you are looking for longer term stays (ie over 4 weeks), some properties do offer have special long term rates. Please note special conditions also apply.


13. When linen is supplied will the beds be made?

Our linen service is for supply only. The beds will not be made on arrival.


14. Will someone be there to inspect the property with me on arrival and departure?

No. Our properties are pre-inspected prior to your arrival and checked again after your departure. A member from Century 21, the landlord or tradespeople will not be meeting you at the property prior to check out. If there is anything to report it can be reported on the paperwork supplied at check in.


15. How do I find your office?

Our office is located approximately 1 hour south of Adelaide City and its Airport at 161 Esplanade, Aldinga Beach, South Australia. If you are coming from the city your best route of travel south is along Main South Road until you reach Aldinga Beach. Upon reaching Aldinga Beach turn right down Aldinga Beach Road until you reach the T-junction at the end and turn left into the Esplanade. We are located on the next corner (corner of Esplanade and Seaview  Street).


16. I will not be arriving until after office hours. How do I get my keys?

We currently have arrangements for you to collect keys after hours. Please note that surcharges may be incurred.


17. How can I find out what you have left for certain dates?

Please use the search function on the booking website by selecting a check in date from the calendar and check out date on the main page and clicking ‘Find’.


18. Can I stay for one night?

Unfortunately not. All of our homes have a minimum stay of 2 nights unless otherwise stated. Please note that during the high season a minimum of 1 week is required until short stays are opened after the 1st of October.


19. How far in advance can I book?

You can book up to 1 year in advance. No booking is automatically repeated for the following year unless Century 21 is advised upon check out.


20. How do I work out my accommodation costs?

For stays less than 1 week it is calculated at the nightly rate. For all bookings longer than 1 week it is calculated at the weekly rate plus the additional days at the nightly rate. For example a booking of 10 nights would be calculated at by 1 week + 3 nights and not by 1 week + 3/7ths of a week. However If you were staying for 14 days it would be calculated at 2 weeks rather than 1 week + 7 nights. The weekly rate is in most cases is discounted so you save extra if you stay for extra weeks.


21. Is there any other costs other than the nightly/weekly rental?

Yes. There is a booking fee on every booking a refundable bond on every booking. Some homes do also have mandatory cleaning charges. Optional services include a cleaning service after you vacate to save you from cleaning and a linen service.


22/ If we stay in Aldinga Beach do we get a Beach Access Pass to drive our car on the beach?

Unfortunately no. These passes are in the home owners possession.


23. We have more people coming than what the property can sleep. Is that allowed?

Additional guests are allowed to visit for short periods, but are not allowed to stay the night by sleeping on additional bedding, sleeping on the couch, camping in tents, staying in caravans, etc.


24. You have nothing left for the period I’m after. Do you have a waiting list?

Due to the high demand for our holiday homes we do not keep a waiting list. We suggest that you check back at a later stage in the event of new homes coming available or a cancellation.


25. I still need to check with my family/friends before I book. Can you hold it for me?

Unfortunately we do not place temporary holds on properties. It is expected that by submitting an online booking you already have confirmed the guests staying and have selected your dates.


26. Why do I need to list everyone staying and their ages that will be staying at the property?

As each home is only equipped to cater for a certain number of guests. We ask for your ages to identify as to the suitability of the home to your group.


27. What do I do with my rubbish?

If the property has rubbish bins provided you are allowed to use them. However all rubbish must be placed in sealed garbage bags and must not exceed the use of the empty bins. If you place rubbish in the bins upon vacating you must place the bins on the kerbside. Any rubbish which exceeds the use of the bin must be taken with you. Disposal fees apply if they are not put out on the road or addition rubbish is left in the home or besides bins. Please note that due to weekly collections, rubbish may be in the bins on arrival. Please advise us if this is the case.


28. Why does it take 3 working days to process my booking?

As the properties are individually owned each booking is required to be confirmed by the owner, full payment received and the property inspected prior to your arrival. This is not always possible in less than 3 working days.